Evolve and Transition Into Self-Employment


Transition, EvolveToday, I am writing about transition.  Transition into self-employment and transition into a new marketing niche. Plans are to write less on this site during the time I develop this new niche.

The goal of this website is to provide insight into aging successfully. Part of the success in graceful aging is to refine our body, soul and spirit into wellbeing. Included in the fully developed site will be help for both the inner and outer you.

My second site is a transition. Although it is important to age successfully, it is of upmost importance to have sufficient finances to help you along the way. Things are a lot easier in aging if enough money is available. In fact, some money is required. If you cannot find a job, lose your job, or retire, what happens then?

Self-employment seems a feasible option to explore. If you are hesitant to invest significant money into business startup cost, then an online business may be a practical and viable option. Startup cost can even be free!

Remember that any successful business will require commitment and hard work. Let us discuss some things that you may wish to consider.

  • What stirs your passion?
  • How much time do you wish to invest?
  • How much money can you afford to spend?
  • Are you committed to success?

Money should not be an obstacle to doing the things you wish to do. it is best to control your own financial destiny. I



have decided to do so. I am creating a new website to promote the online way to make money that I chose. Wealthy Affiliate.

A thing that attracted me to Wealthy Affiliate is, after personal research, I discovered that internet scams exist, some say in abundance.  Wealthy Affiliate was not one of them.

The second attraction is that there are online millionaires from affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate teaches affiliate marketing. In addition, in affiliate marketing there are many self-employed individuals that earn a living from doing the thing that this program teaches.

The primary thing that pushed me into Wealthy Affiliate was that I am not tech savvy. Wealthy Affiliate’s structure quickly teaches people, like me, the needed technology to create an internet marketing business. The basics of this, my first website, existed in less than ten days!

The training program teaches affiliate marketing from inception to infinity. In business now for 4 months, I realize I made an excellent choice. One can join as a free member for a quick look around inside of the business.

However, if one become a premium member, all opportunities open. The cost to become, and remain, a premium member is $47 a month. This rather small amount of money gives one the chance to start their own business – to create their own wealth!

If you see little hope in your financial future, then you need to at least look into a program that gives a genuine and rare opportunity to change your financial outlook. This is particularly true when the look is free. You can even build two websites for free!

For me, it is good to have help to offer those that really need extra money. Wealthy Affiliate is a vehicle of wealth that is available to ‘whosoever will’. It gives one the opportunity to transition from financial limitations to financial success!


bridge of transition

Money Success can change the way you live. Self-employment will change the way you work. You can work from your own home! You are your own boss. Your input credits to you, your finances reap the full benefit of your work.

A successful internet marketing business can change a 60-year-old man from worrying about his retirement to creating his retirement. The remarkable thing is that this creation can occur from anywhere in the world that has the business basics of a computer and internet access!

Money success can change the life of a single Mom from struggling to earn a living to celebrating the living she earns. It can change a displaced factory worker to a person making his own place in the world.

Possibilities like the above are the reason I can market the opportunity of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate membership has the great potential of improving your life, particularly financially! Most of us simply want the opportunity.

Therefore, look for good information on the new site into which I will transition. I will add a button to this site that gives easy access to the new site once it is viable.

a rosebud in transition

an evolving rose bud

I will look for you during, and on the other side of, the transition.




Anti-Aging Strategies In Wealthy Affiliate


double Rainbow

Physical, mental and social wellbeing are important elements in aging successfully. In some countries, especially Western ones, a stigma attaches to old age. Consequently, research has focused on anti-aging or preventing the decline of youth.

Prejudices are toward

a) the aging process

b) older people, and

c) old age.

One might say a triple prejudice exists toward aging. If someone is 50plus, then the person may begin to experience some of these prejudices. Consequently, a search exists for antiaging methods and products. Ultimately, anti-aging goals include successful aging.

Wait! If you are 50plus remain optimistic. There is good news! Studies have found that brain growth and development continues into old age. Therefore, there is help in aging successfully…your brain.

Successful Aging

The strategies suggested in the bullet lists below enhance aging wellbeing. All have anti-aging affect and promote aging successfully.

Older people view success in aging from a subjective standpoint rather than traditional objective standards. Traditional values of anti-aging related to physical wellbeing and mental health.

New data suggest that older adults measure their aging health by whether they are optimistic, socially active, community involved and financially secure. Mental health, of course, is always important.

These are some of the strategies to successful aging.

  • a positive attitude
  • reduce stress
  • resilience

Social strategies include:

  • learning new skills
  • working in a group
  • volunteering
  • mentoring a younger person


The Free Dictionary defines optimism as a tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation. A general definition is hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.

Synonyms for optimism are hope, confidence, buoyancy, positive attitude and cheer. Buoyancy is the synonym that I, personally, like best. Optimism is a needed component in successful aging.

I wrote this article to provide an opportunity to those that are aging- those that are 50plus. It is a money solution. Things in the world shifts, sometime unexpectedly. If you have loss optimism about your financial future, then this article is for you.

There is a legitimate, no scam opportunity to change the outlook of your financial future! This opportunity allows you to learn to market a product, almost any product – even your own, to the world, globally. Revenue from marketing the product goes to you, your bank account.

One of the reasons I wrote this blog is to introduce the possible solutions that are within Wealthy Affiliate. It is a membership that can meet several strategies of successful aging.

Optimism is not marketed as a byproduct of memership, but that has been the effect for me. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate has increased my optimism in regards to financial security. 

Aging grace has not been marketed as a reason to become involved with the program either. The purpose of this blog is to tell others that a Wealthy Affiliate membership can not only yield optimism but also provide significant social benefits. Both things facilitate successful aging.

Allow me to explain the additional ways Wealthy Affiliate facilitate successful aging.

The Community

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best communities in online marketing. In the community, one will find others from all over the world, from Kansas through Hawaii to New Zealand. One can be involved in a community!

The community is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through LiveChat. In LiveChat, one may socialize hangout or answer questions. It is a social media of sorts within the Wealthy Affiliate program.

A personal story after the loss of a 18 year friend – being a member of Wealthy Affiliate helped especially through the second and third months of loss. Just from finding and joining the program, I, all of sudden, had a community wherein I belonged. Membership at Wealthy Affiliate gave me a social community!

Within this wonderful community, one can socialize while learning, meet new people, make new friends and engage in conversation anytime one chooses. Different time zones make engagement more or less active at times within the 24-hour cycle. However, what a social benefit!

In a sense, the Community is a group of learners and practitioners of new things learned. If you belong, you are a member of a large group. One that is worldwide, over 273,000 strong. Of that large number, I interact most frequently with five to ten people.

You are not tech savvy? Please do not let that deter you. Neither am I.  Wealthy Affiliate markets its ability to teach internet marketing and instruct you to build a website. I learned to build a website very quickly. This is the site: agelessyou50plusantiaging.com. Having a legal and nursing background, my technology skills were very basic. I have created a website from instructional lessons and the support of the community.

In the training, there are many instructional courses and a weekly live seminar. More advanced members often create technique tutorials for use by newer community members. In essence, at Wealthy Affiliate there is a wealth of training to teach one to make money online.

Can you see how Wealthy Affiliate meets many of the strategies of successful aging? Look again, at the social and mental strategies. Not only can you learn the way to earn money, but also you can enjoy the secondary social and mental benefits. 




Forskolin Review – After the Hype and Frenzy



coleus forskohlii

Forskolin Review – Can You Trust Forskolin enough to Try It?   


Product: Forskolin Fit Pro 

Forskolin Fit Pro

Price: Free trial offer

Amount: 30 day supply

Guarantee: Yes

Time restriction


My rating: See survey results


Product overview

Forskolin comes from the root of coleus forskohlii, a tropical perennial plant of the mint family. The plant or its extract has been used since ancient times, in different countries for different health purposes. In South America for example, parts of the coleus plant are used to alleviate headaches, digestive problems, and excessive fat in food. In other countries, Forskolin is used to treat disease of the heart, high blood and respiratory problems.


Historical medical Uses of Forskolin

Healthcare providers use Forskolin intravenously to treat specific cardiomyopathy. Asthma treatment of inhaling into the lungs are prescribed. Forskolin is dropped into the eye to treat glaucoma

Considering that healthcare providers recommend coleus forskolhii, directly into the vein to treat the heart,  inhaled into the lungs, and as telling, directly dropped into the eye, one concludes that forskolin use can be very beneficial and safe.

When taken by mouth, Forskolin is used to treat skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Additional uses includes treatment of insomnia, sexual problems in men, and obesity.

Because forskolin is effective in varied treatments, we know that Forskolin has inherent medicinal properties that can affect the body.

Try Forskolin free!

Current Suggested Use                                      

Recently, as you no doubt know, there is great interest in the affect forskolin has on obesity. Studies suggest that Forskolin activates faster loss of body fat than normal diet adjustments. Therefore, currently there is intense interest in the use of forskolin in weight loss. An interest has specifically targeted reduction of adipose fat. Abdominal (belly) fat is primarily adipose fat.

The breakdown of belly fat tissues helps release fatty acids in a process called thermogenesis. During the process, internal temperature in the body increase naturally. Increased internal temperature causes body metabolic rate to increase. An increased metabolic rate results in increase weight burn off.


Surveys and Studies

In vitro study shows that forskolin initializes fat break down in fat cells.  Although the test are in tubes in a lab rather than a human body, forskolin sent messages to start intracellular break down of fat cells!

A Penn State study showed that obese and overweight people, inevitably, have low production of cAMP. A messenger for body cells, cAMP transfers genetic material from cell to cell. It transfers, help activate and regulate enzymes and hormones in the body.

Forskolin increases the production of cAMP.

In another small test study, overweight women who took forskolin, twice a day for 9 weeks, lost an average of 10 pounds and 8% body fat at conclusion of the study.

Outcomes, like the above, have propelled forskolin supplement into the marketplace as a safe and quick way to lose belly fat.



Although used as a traditional home remedy in countries, Forskolin could possibly lower the blood pressure and may interfere with treatment of idiopathic cardiomyopathy-a heart disorder of unknown cause. Check with your doctor before using if you have heart or blood pressure problems.

Forskolin may interfere with blood clotting time, so check with your doctor before using if you have a bleeding disorder or a surgery scheduled.

If pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid use. The evidence of safety is not irrefutable or absolute.


Product Specification

Forskolin Fit Pro is 20% PURE FORSKOLIN in 250 mg of ALL Naturoral forskolin (coleus forskohlii) root extract,  it is manufactured in the USA.





Inner Beauty IS…


54ced0d3e2cb69e5e38d13e628687e14Inner beauty is Confident

When a person is confident it shows but not in a display of arrogance. Rather, confidence is gracious.    Confidence displays as strong and competent. A willingness to help someone and the ability to do so is a display of confidence.


Inner beauty is Kind

A kind person is compassionate and, often, generous. Kindness likes to help others. Kindness sees others.  A kind person does not bury his/her head in the sand refusing to give words or deeds of help. A kind act may be as simple as giving a smile. It can be as grand as helping someone find a place to live or paying a mortgage note one month. A kind person responds and gives.


Inner beauty is Honest

An honest person is free of deceit and untruthfulness. One can depend on his/her words. When engaged with an honest person, one does not have to speculate if that person is telling, or acting the truth. An honest person makes a habit of not lying (telling a lie).  


inner beauty quoteInner beauty practices Peace

Inner beauty works to have peace within. It goals to have peace with others. This beauty demands dignity in the treatment of itself and others. It considers beneath itself stereotypes and prejudices.


Inner beauty knows Respect

Inner beauty respect itself. Inner beauty respects others. It respects the community. Inner beauty respects the world.

Here, I will give a Dictionary.com definition of respect: esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person; and Merriam Webster: to consider worthy of high regard: esteem.

I submit that Inner beauty sees every person as worthy of high regard!


Inner Beauty uses Balance

Inner beauty also knows to take time for itself. It knows not to overdo giving or, helping, or even ‘love’ in unhealthy ways.

Inner beauty does not need to exercise to mental and physical exhaustion. Nor does it need diets excessively and to the extreme.


These are notable defining characteristic found in Inner Beauty. Inner Beauty accepts and like itself. This beauty allows one to see others as individuals- as an individual with their own values, emotions and vulnerabilities. A person with inner beauty is kind to self, kind to others, and kind to the rose gfUniverse.

Inner beauty allows acknowledgement of a Power higher than self.

In Touch with the Inner Beauty of your Spirit and Soul

I have written blogs about ways to improve aspects of health and appearance.  Today is the time to introduce the spirit and soul- the inner you. If lasting beauty comes from within, there can be great beauty and joy on the aging journey.

You realize that we are all in the journey. Some of us are just more advanced. Beauty within or inner beauty benefits both the universe and ourselves. Therefore, helping define, identify and develop this beauty is essential in the ageless you journey. Our 50 plus antiaging site focuses on the whole you. We reaffirm that there is beauty in gracefully aging.

When one mentions the spirit others can become cautious and  hypervigilant. There is no need to feel unease here. This article intends to be, enlightening and helpful. However, after reflection and study, I personally accept that man has a soul and spirit.

spirit, soul and body

spirit, soul and body

This blog is about our spirit, our soul, in essence, our inner self.  It is not a discussion about the world of the spirit.

Except in that our spirit is the part of us that communicates with the Spirit world. Yes, I believe a spirit world exist. Evidence of its existence, for me, is comparable to that of the wind. One cannot see the actual wind, but can see and feel its effects in a gentle wind blowing or a gust of cold air. We probably all, at least, agree that the wind exist. To me, so it is with things of the spirit.  

There is existence beyond what I can see. At times, I believe we all feel things from the spirit world. In fact, God is a Spirit. My spirit communes with, and receives from, His Spirit.

What do I commune?  I whisper to Him my hopes, my needs, and my thanks. I receive His answers, His love and even, His silence. It is awesome!

I believe our spirit vessel can channel the facets of inner beauty. Facets of peace, compassion, joy and temperance to name a few! There too is the powerful facet of love. So, where is the channel’s reservoir?  The reservoir and receptacles are our souls, and then into the Universe.

I read that the soul is the connection between our body and our spirit.

The soul houses the mind (intellect), will and emotions. It is the place where one make choices.  The place where one reasons and decide.  The place where one chooses the way to feel and act.

rose gfThat embryo of beauty created in our spirit displays from our souls.  A discussion of the inner you is an integral part of information about maintaining beauty. Inner beauty radiates from you!  Refining and magnifying it is a worthy pursuit.


Educated, Skilled, Experienced and Unemployed Young Baby Boomer


The Young Baby Boomer


Are you intelligent, highly educated, have skilled work experience but unemployed or nearly so? Are you also a person born between 1946 and 1964-a baby boomer?

The older baby boomer may have retired or be near retirement. But what about the younger group? Those that were born in the latter part of the boomer’s generation who are now ages 50 to 60 years old. For us, unemployment is the antithesis to anti-aging or aging gracefully.

Most of us plan to use the 50’s as a time that we will increase retirement savings. Our parents survived the Great Depression and we, their children, prospered. A good, planned retirement and its enjoyment was considered a given.

But times have changed somewhat unexpectedly in the past seven years.

Employment is not the certainty that it once was.

If you are in your fifties and still employed, then in that aspect, you are fortunate. Or, if you have enough money saved to meet any happenstance then again, you are indeed fortunate. 

the worm before the butterfly

the worm before the butterfly

But what if neither of the above is true. Let’s say, for example,that you have already accessed your retirement savings to pay for current necessities. Or, what if at the present time you are fine but sense, that in your current job, a negative change threatens.

Many baby boomers are too costly, too educated or too whatever else to hire. Generally, young workers are much less expensive to employ. And today, as you know, even many of those young workers are having difficulty finding employment.

Although you remain hopeful you have begun to realize that finding another job, any job, in the caliber that you are experienced and accustomed to, is very slow to happen, if at all.

Don’t despair! I have good news. At least it was to me!

Let me start by saying that I created a website. To a technologically inclined individual this is not a big deal. For me, it was. My professional background is legal and nursing. I have no real tech savvy.

I think you will agree that this website, created entirely by me, is pretty impressive. Trust me, if I created a website from scratch, so can use. I (technology and all) created the website from its inception! 

The site focus on anti-aging or more precisely perhaps, aging gracefully. I produced the site, in its entirety, by following instructional lessons created by Wealthy Affiliates.

Wealthy Affiliates is an opportunity that I chancednever lose hope gf upon while looking online for a way to make money. I knew that I had to do something because I still intend to have a good life and a good retirement. Wealthy Affiliates provides an opportunity to earn money, even significant money. I researched to make certain that it was not a hype or scam.

Satisfied that it was neither. I accepted the offer to look- inside. Too, the chance to ‘look inside’ was free. I could afford free as I did have the time. So I accessed the site!

How can you look at the same opportunity?  You simply go to the site hereIf you do not like what you see, you simply leave the site. But if you feel hope, excitement or become more curious, then stay to look at the way things work. To do so is 100% free… pay nothing…! 

unemployed baby boomers

Money is needed

If after looking you decide you are interested, or even fascinated as I was, you may make the decision to stay. Then, stay, pursue and evolve!

(The first month cost $19)! 

At Wealthy Affiliates you will find a world class community as members are from different countries around the world. You will also find the community helpful and knowledgeable. The two CEOs, Kyle and Carson, participate in online chats almost every weekday! Imagine that.

Is this the opportunity that you have pursued to get you back in the driver seat of your life?

The true beauty in this is that you can make a decision without making any financial expenditure.

I am smart, or at least becoming wise, about some things. Aren’t you? Do you have the wisdom to recognize a good, potentially excellent, thing when seen? I am convinced that I do.

Consequently I decided, ‘Enough of relentlessly seeking a job! Enough of asking someone else to please allow me, with all of my skills and experience, to create wealth-make money for them and their family’s well-being”. Nonsense!

Now is the time to establishing your own financial well-being. It is time to create the lifestyle you desire. In short, time to boot strap, evolve and create your life. 

You can do it!

Click below to be introduced  


Add Losing Belly Fat To Your Anti-aging Regimen

healthy food,

macoun apples on tree

No one desires belly fat. Really, no one! At one time belly fat was called, ‘the middle age spread’.

It is commonly known that as we age, if we are not conscientious, the area around the stomach will increase. Therefore, an article about losing undesirable abdominal fat seems important to include on this ageless you: 50 plus anti-aging site.

First, let’s define what we mean by ‘belly fat’. Belly fat is visceral fat surrounding organs in the stomach. We are not, here, talking about subcutaneous (pinch-able) fat. Regular exercise can fix that. Rather, we mean the dangerous, unhealthy, unattractive and confident stealing -visceral fat.

Although visceral fat lies deep within the abdominal cavity, it does not lie dormant. It has been described as a living ‘organ’. This organ outputs inflammatory substances and hormones. The organ is the omentum. One role of the omentum is to store fat.

Fat from the omentum breaks down into excess fatty acid in the body. A chain reaction occur resulting in increase production of LDL ’bad’ cholesterol and triglycerides, insulin resistance, blood sugar imbalance and fat and clots mobility into the blood stream. As you can imagine, the platform is set for heart disease, diabetes and more.

Studies show that visceral fat triggers a change in blood vessel constriction – angiotension. As a result, the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack occurs.

Men verses Women

Men tend to collect more belly than women. They also tend to collect belly fat earlier in life.

At menopause, women tend to collect fat in their abdomen rather than the buttocks and hips as they did when younger.

Let’s talk solutions

As unexciting as it sounds the truth is eating the right things and avoid eating the wrong things is a primary mean of

healthy vegetables


losing and controlling abdominal fat. That statement, though probably something you did not want to hear, is the truth. Some more truth is, it is a myth that belly fat is more difficult to lose than other fat. In fact, when losing weight, you are more likely to lose it in the stomach area first.

By eating the right things we do not mean a specific diet where you restrict food to lose pounds. In this article, diet is a generic term that means the foods you do or do not eat.

To lose abdominal fat, critical food habits include:

  • Stop eating Sugar
  • Do eat lean Proteins
  • Limit Carbs in your Diet
  • Increase fiber in diet 

Other common sense considerations include controlling food portions, increasing the amounts of fruit and vegetable consumed and reducing saturated fats. Monounsaturated fats, the type of fat found in nuts, olive oil and avocado, are allowable.

Also, reading labels is an integral part of any weight loss. We must have an idea of the ingredients we are ingesting.

Controlling stress is important.  A good food to help negate the negative high cortisol level that results from high stress is legumes (google the word). Legumes help keep cortisol levels stable. Beans, for example, are also high in fiber.

Getting enough Sleep is a good idea. First, it is healthy and   studies have shown that adequate sleep correlates with loss of belly fat.

Green Tea – a study specifically showed that 609 mg of catechins in green tea decreased abdominal fat in a control group of women. The decrease was noted after drinking green tea for only nine weeks!

The catechin in store bought tea can vary, usually from 160 mg to 470 mg of catechins per cup. So, read the label, but 609 mgs can be found in 11/2  to 2 cups per day.

Calcium recommended daily amount is 1,000 mg per day for adults. Low calcium levels in the body produces a hormonehealthy food

2% milk in glass

that triggers your body to store belly fat. So intake of adequate calcium is important.

Eat yogurt or any low fat dairy product. Tip – Low fat Greek (6 oz.) has 20% of the RDA of Calcium. 


Alcohol has a lot of calories. Alcohol affects your sense of satiety negatively. Therefore, it increases your appetite. You want the liver to be busy burning off fat rather than alcohol. 

Other foods to avoid:

Trans-fat foods

Fried food

Cookies (my favorite…and I have the belly fat to show it!) 

avoid cookies

avoid cookies




Convenience foods

Trans-fat is created partially hydrogenated oil. This fat is scary. It increase the fat around the belly and redistribute fat to the stomach from other parts of the body!



Spot exercise will trim subcutaneous fat, but it will not affect visceral fat. So don’t worry that I am going to suggest sit ups and abdominal crunches. They will not help, so I am not. Did you realize that?

Cardio or Aerobic exercise help you lose belly fat.

Cardio or Aerobic exercise uses the large muscle of our body. It is an exercise that, to qualify as cardiovascular exercise, must increase the heart and respiration during use of large muscles repetitively, according to the American College of Sports Medicine..

Types of cardio

High impact-both feet off the ground, i.e., jumping rope.

Low impactone foot on the ground at all times i.e., walking or


No impact

Bicycling-frame and tires supports most of body weight

swimming - a Cardio exercise

swimming – a Cardio exercise

Swimming-water reduces the pull of gravity

Swimming and cycling eliminates much of pounding, jarring stress involved in land based activity. Therefore, both are good anti-aging choices. If you are interested in trying cycling here you can find quality, reasonably priced choices.

Jump start Assistance

You must be aware of the recent enthusiasm that Forskolin can, and has been recommended to, significantly reduce abdominal fat. I have not yet used it. But, I do plan to try its effectiveness, after I get the OK from my doctor. If you decide to try it, use a product that is all natural and has 20% of standardized forskolin in it. You can find it here. As a precaution, I recommend that you, too,  first get the ‘go ahead’ from your doctor. It just seems wise to do so.



bicycling is Cardio

bicycling is Cardio


A Proven, Effective Way To Reduce Facial Wrinkles!

beauty images.jpggf


Wish you could really effectively exercise your face? Ever thought about it but did not know how to do so? Well, this article has a very effective, and personally tested, solution!

An aging face will eventually wrinkle. It’s inevitable! Since wrinkles are an expected inevitability in aging, it is important, if not imperative, on this 50 plus anti-aging site to share and tout an effective way to help address the issue. A device that is proven effective in reducing facial wrinkles!

Let me reiterate, I said device, not a topical cream…a device that is proven effective in reducing facial wrinkles. And, the approach is safe and natural!

index.jpg gf

facial muscles

A body exercised looks more youthful, firm, tone and trim. Facial exercise makes the face look the same way. Face, throat and chin muscles can be effectively exercised for a noticeable difference in the way that your face looks!

What Are Wrinkles?

As we age, skin, including that of the face, chin and throat, loses elasticity and becomes thinner and drier. Plus, the skin’s ability to protect itself from damage is also reduced.

The wrinkle process occurs in the dermis, the second layer of your skin. The dermis is mostly proteins, such as collagen and elastin. These proteins gives skin elasticity and strength.

The dermis begins to thin and loosen. Collagen production slows down. Oil secreting sebaceous glands become less efficient in lubricating the skin. In turn, the skin can wrinkles and look dry and dull.

Some other things that causes Wrinkles 

Sun exposure

Breaks down collagen and elastin fibers

Depletes the skin of antioxidants

no smokig gf images

no smoking


Destroys collagen and elastin

Slows collagen production



The Promised Counterattack:

Proven, tested and most effective!

Clinical study by The Geriatric Journal of Dermatology concluded that weakened facial muscles probably influence age related facial wrinkles just as much as loss of skin elasticity does.  The study determined that exercising the face cause skin to become more elastic and firmer.

What this exercise does to the neck and face is close to amazing to me. Really!

The exercise studied is resistant band training for the face. The flex device that holds the bands was initially developed for medical/dental purposes.

This device is a Federal Drug Administration (FDA), registered medical device for exercises of the neck, face  and chin. If a gadget has been approved by the FDA, it shouldn’t cause damage if used correctly..

So though simple, the Facial Flex device is safe and effective. The flex is made of surgical stainless steel and nylon. Sold without a prescription, it is very easy to use. Amazon sells it. See the Facial-Flex Ultra Facial Exercise System Bundle


I have used the device ypersonally, and can attest that it is easy to use and does produce noticeable results within a couple of weeks. It is the only progressive resistant based exercise device that is proven to reduce wrinkles and develop facial toning.

Things, other than facial exercise, that helps in  counterattack

Facial Yoga, another skin tightening exercise, although also natural, lacks the effectiveness that the resistance bands of the ‘flex’ gives. There is a significant difference in effect.

Antioxidants are special nutrients and enzymes that

counteract damaging oxidation in the body. Certain fruits, vegetables and nuts slow the oxidation process

Staying Hydrated                             

The skin will look firmer and more toned if adequately     drinking water free  imageshydrated. Hydrated skin is healthier and better able to fight off stressors from the environment, like harsh weather and UV rays. Drinking lots of water is a simple, easy way to hydrate the skin. Keep your skin healthier and younger looking by drinking plenty of water! 






Benefits of drinking Tea and Anti-aging

Tea and anti-aging benefits

Green tea in glass

Drinking tea bring more than a pleasant experience.

Information about the benefits of drinking tea belongs on a site that touts ageless you: 50 plus anti-aging. Compounds in tea seems to affect several aspects of aging. So, adding tea to your anti-aging routine is something to seriously consider.

Tea drinking is not a new, modern concept. People in Asia have drunk tea for centuries. Tea was introduced to the western world by the Turks. According to the Tea Association, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water.

Tea is one of the great sources of antioxidants containing a healthy amount!  Antioxidants help fight cell damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are body chemicals shown to contribute to multiple chronic diseases.

Scientific research, now more than ever, supports the connection between drinking tea and anti-aging! There is a connection between tea and a slowing of the aging process. Studies also show a connection between tea drinking and other health benefits including:

  • Greater immunity
  • Improved cognitive functions
  • A decreased risk of cardiovascular (heart) problems

    tea and anti-aging health benefits

    oolong tea in strainer

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less fatigue
  • Reduced stress


Health Benefits of Tea

An article written by a health aging expert posed the question of whether tea has a positive affect on wrinkles, sagging skin and other signs of aging. There are well-documented antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities in topical green tea polyphenols. The article concluded these polyphenols are likely to slow down the development of some signs of aging. If green tea can diminish wrinkles and skin sag is far more uncertain the article conceded..

Studies by American Journal of Nutrition, scientist and other institutes have all been involved in study of the health benefits of tea. Tea does have health benefits! These benefits include positive effect on Alzheimer, Parkinson Disease, cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular benefits and others.

An article about the benefits of tea in Medical News Today acknowledged that tea was believed to provide psychological benefit to its consumer which included strengthening attention and mood.

Studies have shown that compounds in tea may protect against multiple neurodegenerative disease. Benefits include memory boost, fortified bones, reduction in arthritis and lower risk of age related disease.

Studied participants reported feelings of relaxation, concentration and happiness after drinking tea. One study of people over age 65 even found, that those who drank more tea were likely to be in the most independent and healthy in their age group.

Now that we have recanted the many benefits of tea, both physical and psychological, let’s identify which teas confer the benefits discussed. All ‘technical’ tea comes from the plant carnella sinesis. If it is not a product of this plant, it is not technically tea.

Antioxidants- polyphenols, cate-chins, flavonoid and theanine attributes to some of the health benefits in tea.


Varieties of tea

 Tea and Anti-aging benefits

camellia sinensis – the tea plant

First let’s define what we mean by tea. Tea is derived from the plant carnella sinensis, an evergreen plant indigenous to China and India. All technical ‘tea’ comes from this plant. Today however, real tea is grown in various countries over the world.

There are only four varieties of tea – the tea that contains the antioxidants that are linked to health benefits.

The variety is green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea. Oxidation is the factor that determines what color the tea will be. Full oxidation causes a leaf to turn black- black tea. In contrast, a white tea is barely oxidized. In short, color is determined by the way the leaf is oxidized.
Black Tea is the most popular tea all over the world. Black tea is made from young tea leaves and the buds. The leaves and buds are completely fermented or oxidized after they have been dried. Black tea has a strong, bitter flavor.

Green tea comes from the same plant and is even made from the same leaves as black tea; the difference is that green tea does not go through a fermenting process. Instead the leaves are steamed after they are dried. Green tea has a grassy flavor.

Oolong tea only is partially fermented. This gives the tea a smoother taste that is not as strong as black tea and curbs the grassy flavor of green tea.

White tea was once reserved for royalty in China. It has only been available outside of China for a few years. The leaves are picked at a very young stage just before the buds begin to open. The leaves are then partially fermented similar in manner to the Oolong tea.

 Fact: The climate, soil and location of where the tea is grown affect the flavor of the tea.

Herbal tea?

Herbal tea is mixed with, well herbs, and it not technically tea. Herbal “tea” is an infusion of a plant different than the carnella sinensis.


 Considerations before drinking

  • Give tea several minutes to cool before drinking (sipping). Repeatedly sipping liquids that are too hot could damage the throat
  • Some tests are done in controlled lab settings. Studying tissue samples and  animal samples is not the same as study of a human being.
  • There is no true consensus on the amount of tea per day to drink for ultimate benefit. However, three cups per day seem to be the minimum amount recommended.

Tea has become a popular drink and because of its purported health benefits its popularity will, no doubt,  significantly increase. Tea has awesome benefits for aging health!

tea  and anti-i aging benefits

oolong tea in cup